EN ISO 14160:2011

Sterilization of health care products - Liquid chemical sterilizing agents for single-use medical devices utilizing animal tissues and their derivatives - Requirements for characterization, development, validation and routine control of a sterilization process for medical devices (ISO 14160:2011)

Publication date:   Aug 17, 2011

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99.60 Withdrawal effective   Jun 30, 2021


CEN/TC 204 Sterilization of medical devices

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11.080.01   Sterilization and disinfection in general



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ISO 14160:2011 specifies requirements for the characterization of a liquid chemical sterilizing agent and for the development, validation, process control and monitoring of sterilization by liquid chemical sterilizing agents of single-use medical devices comprising, in whole or in part, materials of animal origin.
ISO 14160:2011 covers the control of risks arising from contamination with bacteria and fungi by application of a liquid chemical sterilization process. Risks associated with other microorganisms need to be assessed.
ISO 14160:2011 is not applicable to material of human origin.
ISO 14160:2011 does not describe methods for the validation of the inactivation of viruses and transmissible spongiform encephalopath (TSE) agents.
ISO 14160:2011 does not describe methods for validation of the inactivation, elimination, or elimination and inactivation of protozoa and parasites.
The requirements for validation and routine control described in ISO 14160:2011 are only applicable to the defined sterilization process of a medical device, which is performed after the manufacturing process, and do not take account of the lethal effects of other bioburden reduction steps.
ISO 14160:2011 does not specify tests to establish the effects of any chosen sterilization method upon the fitness for use of the medical device.
ISO 14160:2011 does not cover the level of residual sterilizing agent within medical devices.
ISO 14160:2011 does not describe a quality management system for the control of all stages of manufacture.

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EN ISO 14160:2011
99.60 Withdrawal effective
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