EN 1622:2006

Water quality - Determination of the threshold odour number (TON) and threshold flavour number (TFN)

Publication date:   Dec 27, 2006

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90.93 Standard confirmed   Jul 12, 2022


CEN/TC 230 Water analysis

European Norm

13.060.60   Examination of physical properties of water



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This European Standard specifies quantitative methods for determining the TON and TFN of waters and also a qualitative method for determining any abnormal odour and/or flavour. It is essential that the safety remarks in Clause 5 are taken into account.
Two quantitative methods are described:
a short method applicable when either a sample has no odour and flavour or when the odour and flavour are to be compared with a specified threshold number;
a full method applicable when the threshold number for the sample is to be determined.
For both quantitative methods, two different methodologies are described:
unforced choice in the standard;
forced choice in Annex B.
Both methods are applicable for quantifying the odour and flavour of drinking water and/or migration waters from materials in contact with waters.
NOTE The choice of the quantitative or qualitative method is depending on the national regulations, and on the type of water to be assessed (raw water, distribution water, migration water ….)

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EN 1622:1997


EN 1622:2006
90.93 Standard confirmed
Jul 12, 2022