EN 15033:2006

Room sealed storage water heaters for the production of sanitary hot water using LPG for vehicles and boats

Publication date:   Feb 28, 2007

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90.93 Standard confirmed   Oct 13, 2020


CEN/TC 181 Appliances and leisure vehicle installations using liquefied petroleum gas and appliances using natural gas for outdoor use

European Norm

97.100.20   Gas heaters



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This European Standard defines the specifications and test methods for the construction, safety, rational use of energy and fitness for purpose, environment, classification and marking of room sealed storage water heaters for the production of sanitary hot water using LPG for:
vehicles as defined in article 1 of Directive 70/156/EEC (see 3.12);
caravan holiday homes;
agricultural, forestry and mobile machinery, and
hereafter called "appliance".
This standard applies to appliances:
type C1, C3 and C5 (room sealed, see CEN/TR 1749) with combustion air intake and outlet for the products of combustion (combined or not) in the wall or roof;
fitted with atmospheric burners;
appliances fitted with or without a fan on the combustion circuit;
using LPG at the pressure I3BP(30) indicated in EN 437, (for caravan holiday homes and boats see Annex A);
of nominal heat input not exceeding 7 kW (Hi);
appliances whether connected to the water mains pressure or on board water supply;
appliances using, where appropriate, 12 V or 24 V DC electrical supply (or appliances with an additional 230 V heating element).
This standard does not contain all the necessary requirements for:
appliances which fulfil a dual purpose role of space heating and heating water for sanitary hot water use.

This standard covers type testing only.

NOTE 1 Alternatively appliances (storage water heaters) for caravan holiday homes may comply with EN 89.
NOTE 2 For space heating aspects see EN 624 "Specification for dedicated LPG appliances - Room sealed LPG space heating equipment for installation in vehicles and boats".

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EN 15033:2006
90.93 Standard confirmed
Oct 13, 2020


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