EN 10301:2003

Steel tubes and fittings for on and offshore pipelines - Internal coating for the reduction of friction for conveyance of non corrosive gas

Publication date:   Aug 20, 2004

General information

90.60 Close of review   Sep 2, 2021


CEN/TC 459/SC 10 Steel tubes, and iron and steel fittings

European Norm

23.040.99   Other pipeline components | 25.220.60   Organic coatings | 75.180.10   Exploratory, drilling and extraction equipment



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This European Standard specifies the application requirements and methods of test of liquid applied epoxy paints on the internal surface for the reduction of friction of tubes and pipeline fittings for conveyance of non-corrosive gas.
Other paints or paint systems are not excluded provided they comply with the requirements given in this standard.
The coating consist of one layer of liquid product, normally shop applied onto abrasive blast cleaned steel by airless spray or conventional spray techniques. Brush application may be used only for repairs.
The coating qualified in accordance with this standard is considered suitable for operating temperatures between
- 20 °C and + 110 °C.
In this European Standard the word "components" is used for tubes and fittings.

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EN 10301:2003
90.60 Close of review
Sep 2, 2021