EN 14067-4:2005

Railway applications - Aerodynamics - Part 4: Requirements and test procedures for aerodynamics on open track

Publication date:   Aug 10, 2006

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99.60 Withdrawal effective   May 6, 2009


CEN/TC 256 Railway applications

European Norm

45.060.01   Railway rolling stock in general



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This European Standard applies to train-induced aerodynamic loading on open track caused by:
¾ trains passing a permanent or temporary structure;
¾ trains passing a person who is alongside the track;
¾ two trains passing each other.
This European Standard applies to open air structures of any length and closed structures of a length less than 20 m enveloping the tracks. For closed structures enveloping the tracks that are longer than 20 m prEN 14067-5 applies.
For effects caused by cross winds, the aerodynamic phenomena are described in prEN 14067-6.
In addition, this European Standard applies to the resistance of motion for trains in open air.

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EN 14067-4:2005
99.60 Withdrawal effective
May 6, 2009