prEN 13831

Closed expansion vessels with built-in diaphragm for installation in water systems

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45.99 Dispatch of FV draft to CCMC   Jul 23, 2004


CEN/TC 54 Unfired pressure vessels

European Norm


This draft European Standard gives guidance on the design, manufacture and testing of closed expansion vessels with built in diaphragm, which will hereinafter be called "vessels", and: a) who diaphragms serve to separate water on the one hand and air/nitrogen on the other hand in heating/cooling systems or water systems; b) which are manufactured singly or in series; c) which may consist partly or entirely of (cold) deep-drawn parts; d) whose parts may be joined by welding, clenching or flanges; e) whose size is not limited; etc.

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prEN 13831
45.99 Dispatch of FV draft to CCMC
Jul 23, 2004