CEN/TR 15300:2006

Health informatics - Framework for formal modelling of healthcare security policies

Publication date:   Mar 28, 2008

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60.60 Standard published   Oct 11, 2006


CEN/TC 251 Health informatics

Technical Report

35.240.80   IT applications in health care technology



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This CEN report specifies the starting point for working on some formalising tools that could be used by the healthcare actors to express, compare and validate local and/or network security policies.
Defining and validating a correct security policy encompass different activities such as expressing correctly
(i.e. without any ambiguity), formulating correctly (i.e. without any misinterpretation) and proving the correctness (i.e. without known failures or major lack) of the [to be formally modelled] security policy.
This CEN report does NOT intend at all to specify a UNIQUE or UNIVERSAL formal model that need to be used by the European healthcare community: it only indicates, as a first working step, some ways that could be followed to help that healthcare community to correctly and fruitfully manipulate the security policy concept(s) and the formal modelling techniques.
This CEN report does NOT intend to indicate an EXHAUSTIVE spectrum of all the published formal security policy models: it only gives a readable and understandable flavour of the most well-known formal models and also of the [maybe] most interesting ones from the healthcare activity and needs point of view. This CEN report is, in this very first version, divided in five parts:
o Part #1 - Introduction to formal modelling: this clause summarises and justifies the following needs:
i. need for policies, in general and for any context;
ii. need for security policies, in any data processing context;
iii. need for models (or modelling facilities) of security policies, in some generic system environments;
iv. need for formal models (or formal modelling facilities) of security policies, in some sensitive areas;
v. need for healthcare-oriented formal models of security policies, specialized to healthcare specificities.
o Part #2 - Historical security policies and models: this clause explains and introduces the main objectives and concepts of the security policy modelling activity that seems to be of

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CEN/TR 15300:2006
60.60 Standard published
Oct 11, 2006