ENV 13728:2000

Health informatics - Clinical analyser interfaces to laboratory information systems

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99.60 Withdrawal effective   Mar 15, 2003


CEN/TC 251 Health informatics

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35.240.80   IT applications in health care technology


1.1 Clinical Areas This European Prestandard specifies general messages for electronic information exchange between AIs and
LISs within a clinical laboratory. It is intended to be applicable within the following specialties: - Clinical Chemistry/Biochemistry - Haematology - Toxicology - Microbiology - Virology and Immunology It is not intended to apply in the following specialty: - Blood Transfusion and Blood Bank 1.2 Messages, Syntax and Transport This European Prestandard is concerned only with the specification of messages used by communicating parties and the syntax in which they are communicated. It is not concerned with the transport mechanisms used for the message interchange. 1.3 Data Types This European Prestandard is applicable only to character-based message information. It is not applicable to the communication of graphical or image information. 1.4 Domains User Domain - This standard has been specifically created to provide common conventions for interfacing AIs and LISs in a clinical laboratory environment. It will also be applicable to the interfacing of AIs to computers in other clinical practice settings, such as physicians' offices, clinics, and satellite laboratories. The standard is not applicable to applications with a continuous flow of results from only one (or a few) implicitly identified subjects of investigation, such as is found in the monitoring of vital signs. It may not be applicable to situations where the AI is remote from the laboratory that controls it, i.e. Near Patient Testing (NPT) or Point of Care (POC) AIs. Interface Domain - This European Prestandard is intended for communication between communication parties where one party will assume the role of an AI and the other party will assume the role of an LIS...(Truncated)

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ENV 13728:2000
99.60 Withdrawal effective
Mar 15, 2003


EN ISO 18812:2003