CR 1350:1993

Investigation of syntaxes for existing interchange formats to be used in health care

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99.60 Withdrawal effective   Jun 17, 2020


CEN/TC 251 Health informatics

CEN Report

35.240.70   IT applications in science


1.1.1 Original Scope
In the terms of reference for PT 004 the scope of the investigation was the whole of the health care area. The number of suggested evaluation criteria was large. In the recommended strategy for the project team it is stated "The interchange formats need to be evaluated against a set of properties. The properties will be selected both from health care and technical requirements including efficiency, richness, complexity, ambiguity, flexibility, cost and practicality".
1.1.2 Reduced Scope
Due to resource constrains, PT 004 has reduced the scope of its work. This has been done in three ways:
1. The domain of health care is reduced to two examples form the laboratory communication domain and the internal medicine domain. This selection is explained in chapter 4.
2. The number and type of evaluation criteria were reduced compared to the suggested properties in the terms of reference. Selection of the evaluation criteria was done based on the established method for message development. A more detailed explanation is given in chapter 5.
3. The number of IFs were reduced from a possible 23 down to 5. The selected formats were ASN.1, ASTM E1238, EDIFACT, EUCLIDES and ODA. This selection is explained in chapter 6.

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CR 1350:1993
99.60 Withdrawal effective
Jun 17, 2020