EN 13067:2003

Plastics welding personnel - Qualification testing of welders - Thermoplastics welded assemblies

Publication date:   Mar 19, 2004

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99.60 Withdrawal effective   Nov 7, 2012


CEN/TC 249 Plastics

European Norm

25.160.10   Welding processes



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This standard specifies the method of testing the knowledge and skill of a welder who is required to carry out welds on thermoplastics in new constructions and repair work. The skill examination of a welder is an essential condition for the assurance of the quality of the welding work. The application of this standard guarantees that the examination is carried out according to a uniform test procedure. Testing of a welder duly passed in accordance with this standard ensures that the welder concerned has demonstrated the minimum skill and knowledge demanded by techniques required.

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EN 13067:2003
99.60 Withdrawal effective
Nov 7, 2012