EN ISO 13002:1998

Carbon fibre - Designation system for filament yarns (ISO 13002:1998)

Publication date:   Mar 15, 2000

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60.60 Standard published   Nov 15, 1998


CEN/TC 249 Plastics

European Norm

59.100.20   Carbon materials



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1.1 This International Standard establishes a system of designation for filament yarns of carbon fibre which may be used as the basis for specifications.

1.2 This designation system is applicable to filament yarns used for the reinforcement of polymer composites.
It does not apply to discontinuous fibre products pyrolized in the form of staple yarns, woven fabrics, braids, knits,
mats, etc.

1.3 The types of filament yarns are differentiated from each other by a classification system based on appropriate levels of the designatory properties:
a) tensile modulus of elasticity;
b) tensile strength;
c) linear density.

1.4 It is not intended to imply that materials having the same designation give the same performance. This International Standard does not provide engineering data, performance data or data on processing conditions which may be required to specify a material for a particular application and/or method of processing.

1.5 In order to specify a filament yarn for a particular application or to ensure reproducible processing, additional
requirements may be given in data block 3 (see clause 3).

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EN ISO 13002:1998
60.60 Standard published
Nov 15, 1998