EN ISO 61:1999

Plastics - Determination of apparent density of moulding material that cannot be poured from a specified funnel (ISO 61:1976)

Publication date:   Jul 30, 2004

General information

60.60 Standard published   Jun 23, 1999


CEN/TC 249 Plastics

European Norm

83.080.10   Thermosetting materials



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A portion of 60 g of loose moulding material is dropped little by little into a measuring cylinder as evenly distributed as possible. A plunger with specified mass fitting to the measuring cylinder is slowly lowered until it is entirely supported by the material. After 1 min the volume of the material with the plunger resting upon it, shall be determined and the apparent density shall be calculated.

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EN ISO 61:1999
60.60 Standard published
Jun 23, 1999


Adopted from ISO 61:1976 IDENTICAL