EN ISO 2556:2000

Plastics - Determination of the gas transmission rate of films and thin sheets under atmospheric pressure - Manometric method (ISO 2556:1974)

Publication date:   Sep 24, 2004

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60.60 Standard published   Sep 20, 2000


CEN/TC 249 Plastics

European Norm

83.140   Rubber and plastics products



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Specification of the methodand of two types of suitable test apparatus. The plastic test specimen separates two chambers, the one contains the test gas at atmospheric pressure, the other of known initial volume has the air pumped out until the pressure is practically zero. The quantity of gas which passes through the specimen from one chamber to the other is determined as a function of time by measuring the increase in pressure occuring in the second chamber by means of a manometer.

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EN ISO 2556:2000
60.60 Standard published
Sep 20, 2000


Adopted from ISO 2556:1974 IDENTICAL