EN ISO 105-C09:2003

Textiles - Tests for colour fastness - Part C09: Colour fastness to domestic and commercial laundering - Oxidative bleach response using a non-phosphate reference detergent incorporating a low temperature bleach activator (ISO 105-C09:2001)

Publication date:   Oct 31, 2006

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90.93 Standard confirmed   Jun 6, 2008


CEN/TC 248 Textiles and textile products

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59.080.01   Textiles in general



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This part of ISO 105 specifies a method for determining the consumer relevant shade change of textiles, of all kinds,
(excluding silk and wool) and in all forms, to domestic/commercial laundering procedures in which a bleach activator
(oxygen bleaching system) is used.
The colour fastness resulting from oxygen bleaching in this test provides an indication of the shade change behaviour
observed after multiple domestic/commercial launderings.
This part of ISO 105 is not applicable for the assessment of the dye staining of adjacent fabrics, where suitable
methods are described in ISO 105-A04.
This part of ISO 105 does not reflect the contribution of optical brighteners, which are present in some commercial
washing products, to shade change.
This part of ISO 105 specifies a procedure incorporating the use of ECE1) non-phosphate reference detergent,
sodium perborate tetrahydrate, and the bleach activator tetra-acetylethylenediamine (TAED). An alternative test
procedure using the AATCC 1993 zero phosphate reference detergent (without optical brightener), and incorporating
sodium perborate monohydrate and the bleach activator sodium nonanoyloxybenzene sulphonate (SNOBS) is
currently under development.

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EN ISO 105-C09:2003
90.93 Standard confirmed
Jun 6, 2008


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