EN ISO 11721-1:2001

Textiles - Determination of the resistance of cellulose-containing textiles to micro-organisms - Soil burial test - Part 1: Assessment of rot-retardant finishing (ISO 11721-1:2001)

Publication date:   Mar 25, 2005

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90.93 Standard confirmed   Jun 14, 2006


CEN/TC 248 Textiles and textile products

European Norm

07.100.99   Other standards related to microbiology | 59.080.30   Textile fabrics



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This Standard specifies a method for determination of the resistance of chemically-pretreated textiles to the action of micro-organisms present in soil in comparison with untreated textiles. This method is applicable to flat textiles made of cellulosic containing yarns (tentage, tarpaulins, webbing and tapes) that will typically come into contact with soil during use. Due to the inherent resistance of most synthetic fibres to attack by micro-organisms, fabrics containing a high proportion of synthetic fibres can only be judged by these methods for changes in structure and appearance.

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EN ISO 11721-1:2001
90.93 Standard confirmed
Jun 14, 2006