EN ISO 105-S03:1995

Textiles - Tests for colour fastness - Part S03: Colour fastness to vulcanization: Open steam (ISO 105-S03:1993)

Publication date:   May 14, 2000

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90.93 Standard confirmed   Jul 2, 2010


CEN/TC 248 Textiles and textile products

European Norm

59.080.01   Textiles in general



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Specifies a method for determining the resistance of the colour of textiles of all kinds and in all forms to the action of a typical rubber compound such as may be used in the proofing industry, and to its decomposition products, during vulcanization in open steam, either under conditions that prevent live steam from coming into contact with the specimen to be tested (method A) or under conditions that allow live steam to infiltrate into the adjacent fabric to be tested (method B).

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EN ISO 105-S03:1995
90.93 Standard confirmed
Jul 2, 2010


Adopted from ISO 105-S03:1993 IDENTICAL