ENV 1805-1:1998

Data Communication for HVAC Application Management Net - Part 1: Building Automation and Control Networking (BACnet)

Publication date:   Sep 16, 2013

General information

99.60 Withdrawal effective   Nov 1, 2003


CEN/TC 247 Building Automation, Controls and Building Management

Pre Standard

35.240.99   IT applications in other fields | 97.120   Automatic controls for household use



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2.1 This protocol provides a comprehensive set of messages for conveying encoded binary, analog, and alphanumeric data between devices including, but notlimited to: (a) hardware binary input and output values, (b) hardware analog input and output values, (c) sofware binary and analog values, (d) text string values, (e) schedule information, (f) alarm and event information, (g) files, and (h) control logic.

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ENV 1805-1:1998
99.60 Withdrawal effective
Nov 1, 2003