CEN/TC 241 N 146

Gypsum blocks - Definitions, requirements and test methods

General information

10.99 New project approved   Nov 12, 1991


CEN/TC 241 Gypsum and gypsum based products

European Norm


This European standard relates to factory made gypsum blocks with smooth faces and designed to assembly with joints using a gypsum based adhesive for constructions of non loadbearing partitions or self-standing wall linings and for the protection of columns, lift shafts etc. against fire, which can be finished by painting, papering, etc. without application of the traditional plastering. The main addressed characteristics will be: resistance to fire when installed, deflection under self weight and sound absorption properties.

Life cycle


CEN/TC 241 N 146
10.99 New project approved
Nov 12, 1991