EN 12686:1998

Biotechnology - Modified organisms for application in the environment - Guidance for the sampling strategies for deliberate releases of genetically modified microorganisms, including viruses

Publication date:   Aug 3, 2001

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90.93 Standard confirmed   Apr 11, 2022


CEN/TC 233 Biotechnology

European Norm

07.080   Biology. Botany. Zoology | 07.100.01   Microbiology in general



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This European Standard provides guidance concerning the procedures for setting up a valid sampling strategy to meet the objectives of a monitoring strategy for GMMs released into the environment. Since monitoring methods of microorganisms in environmental samples usually require pretreatment of the samples, for example the extraction and isolation of GMMs and/or their nucleic acid, this is included in scope of this European Standard. The sampling is to provide material to which subsequent analytical or biological methods for monitoring of GMMs can be applied.

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EN 12686:1998
90.93 Standard confirmed
Apr 11, 2022