EN 26461-2:1993

Water quality - Detection and enumeration of the spores of sulfite-reducing anaerobes (clostridia) - Part 2: Method by membrane filtration (ISO 6461-2:1986)

Publication date:   Mar 19, 2004

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90.93 Standard confirmed   Jan 20, 2000


CEN/TC 230 Water analysis

European Norm

13.060.30   Sewage water



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The procedure is applicable to all types of water, except when a large amount of particulate material is liable to be retained by the membrane. The principle covers several steps from selection by applying heat to destroy vegetative bacteria to filtration of the water sample through a membrane filter having a suitable pore size (0,2 µm) to retain the spores in or on it. The filter is placed on a selective culture medium, followed by incubation and counting of black colonies.

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EN 26461-2:1993
90.93 Standard confirmed
Jan 20, 2000


Adopted from ISO 6461-2:1986 IDENTICAL