EN 15050:2007

Precast concrete products - Bridge elements

Publication date:   Jul 27, 2007

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99.60 Withdrawal effective   Mar 14, 2012


CEN/TC 229 Precast concrete products

European Norm

91.100.30   Concrete and concrete products | 93.040   Bridge construction



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This European Standard applies to precast concrete structural elements produced in a factory and used in bridge construction, for example deck elements, abutments, elements for piers and precast arches.
Normal weight concrete elements are considered, both reinforced and prestressed; their use can be on road bridges, railway bridges and footbridges.
Deck elements include both single elements from which the deck may be composed (beams, slabs, ribbed or cellular elements) and elements consisting of a segment of the entire deck.
The elements for abutments are precast elements able to support vertical and horizontal actions applied by the deck and the earth pressure due to the filling material.
The pier elements can consist of a segment of the pier or, for small heights, the entire pier.
Some examples of elements dealt with are shown in Annex A.
The durability aspects are also considered.
This European Standard makes reference to precast elements produced in a factory or near the construction site in a place protected from adverse weather conditions. It is assumed that if the elements are not manufactured in a factory, the production conditions assure the same level of quality control as in a factory. It is assumed that the production place is protected from rain, sunshine and wind.
Some of the elements are also treated in other European Standards (e.g. beams, slabs). This European Standard deals with the specific aspects related to the use of these elements in bridge construction.
Foundation piles, barriers, bumpers, guards and box culverts are out the scope of this European Standard.

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EN 15050:2007
99.60 Withdrawal effective
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