EN 797:1995

Bar coding - Symbology specifications - "EAN/UPC"

Publication date:   Mar 15, 2000

General information

99.60 Withdrawal effective   Sep 4, 2002


CEN/TC 225 AIDC technologies

European Norm

35.040.50   Automatic identification and data capture techniques



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This standard - specifies the requirements for the bar code symbology known as "EAN/UPC"; - specifies "EAN/UPC" symbology characteristics, data character encodation, symbol formats, dimensions, tolerances, and a reference decoding algorithm. The standard is applicable to the "EAN/UPC" bar code symbology. The "EAN/UPC" bar code symbols are exclusively reserved for encoding identification numbers. The use of the symbology is restricted and subject to compliance with the EAN International (EAN) and Uniform Code Council (UCC) rulesand registration procedures.

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EN 797:1995
99.60 Withdrawal effective
Sep 4, 2002