EN 1546-2:1999

Identification card systems - Inter-sector electronic purse - Part 2: Security architecture

Publication date:   Aug 4, 2002

General information

99.60 Withdrawal effective   Jan 13, 2016


CEN/TC 224 Personal identification and related personal devices with secure element, systems, operations and privacy in a multi sectorial environment

European Norm

35.240.15   Identification cards. Chip cards. Biometrics



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This part of prEN 1546 defines the detailed security architecture for IEP systems as they are described in prEN 1546-1. It also describes the application protocols the use of cryptographic algorithms and some underlying assumptions concerning the key management necessary to implement IEP systems with sufficient security levels. The general architecture described here allows many types of implementation. It should be noted that the informative annexes of this standard focus on particular implementations.

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EN 1546-2:1999
99.60 Withdrawal effective
Jan 13, 2016