EN 264:1991

Safety shut-off devices for combustion plants using liquid fuels - Safety requirements and testing

Publication date:   Oct 23, 2003

General information

99.60 Withdrawal effective   Jun 10, 2009


CEN/TC 47 Atomizing oil burners and their components - Function - Safety - Testing

European Norm

27.060.10   Liquid and solid fuel burners



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This European Standard comprises safety requirements and test methods for safetyshut-off devices in combustion plants, which on opening release, with or without delay, the flow of the fuels mentioned below and shut off without delay on closing. This standard applies to the use of fuel oils. For other liquid fuels the test methods may be agreed between the manufacturer and the test institute

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EN 264:1991
99.60 Withdrawal effective
Jun 10, 2009


Adopted from DIN 32 725 NOT_EQUIVALENT