prEN 12496

Sacrificial anodes for cathodic protection in sea water

General information

40.60 Close of voting   Feb 1, 1997


CEN/TC 219 Cathodic protection

European Norm


This European standard describes sacrificial anodes applicable in sea water, andgives the minimum requirements for the physical tolerances, electrochemical characteristics or properties, test procedures and inspection standards for castsacrificial anodes of aluminium, magnesium and zinc based alloys for cathodic protection, but it does not address quality assurance. This European standard is applicable to the majority of sacrificial anodes used for sea water applica- tions, e.g. cast anodes of trapezoidal, "D", or circular cross section and bracelet types anodes.

Life cycle


prEN 12496
40.60 Close of voting
Feb 1, 1997