EN 1969:2000

Surfaces for sports areas - Determination of thickness of synthetic sports surfaces

Publication date:   Dec 22, 2003

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90.93 Standard confirmed   Nov 17, 2009


CEN/TC 217 Surfaces for sports areas

European Norm

97.150   Floor coverings | 97.220.10   Sports facilities



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This European Standard specifies two methods for the determination of the thickness of synthetic surfaces for sports areas, suitable for use in the laboratory and 'in situ'. Method A, a destructive test method, is intended for use - where the thickness needs to be measured to an accuracy of +/-0,1mm;- when the thickness of different layers is to be determined. Method B, a non-destructive test method,is intended for use as a routine check on thickness, e.g.for control purposes or when surveying a large area of synthetic surfacing. It gives measurements to an accuracy between +/-0,5 and +/-1,5mm, depending upon the textur

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EN 1969:2000
90.93 Standard confirmed
Nov 17, 2009